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If you’ve been tasked with recruiting new employees, pay attention to the audience following your social media channels. As it turns out, social media hiring may be the ticket to hiring your next star employee.

Social Media Hiring the Right Way

One thing is clear: social media is not going anywhere any time soon. If your company hasn’t yet embraced social media hiring, it’s time to open your social accounts and get to business.

The thing about social media is that users actively choose which accounts they follow. That means if they are interested in your product or company, they can choose if they see your posts in their feed. And when they do? Those followers become your biggest fans– your ride-or-die kind of crowd.

So, when you have an open position within your company, who better to fill those roles than someone already familiar with your company?

That’s where social media hiring comes into play. Your followers are essentially a carefully curated pool of prospects eager to work for your company.

Here are some tips to ensure your audience is full of your ideal candidates.

Find Your Ideal Platform

Let’s be honest: maintaining multiple social media accounts can be a lot to juggle. The good news is that not every platform is the right platform for your company and you don’t need to be active everywhere.

Just like you wouldn’t visit a dentist’s office to hire a lawyer, you also won’t go to every social media platform to hire your ideal candidate.

Instead, think like your target candidate. Where is that candidate most likely to hang out online? Is it LinkedIn? TikTok? or Facebook? Once you’ve identified the most appropriate social media channels, spend your marketing efforts there.

This may require some research, but when you understand your target candidate, your recruitment marketing campaigns are much more likely to be successful.

Promote Your Employer Branding

Your employer brand is the thing that makes your company stand out from the rest. And no, it’s not always about the color scheme you pick (although that certainly does help!). Instead, your employer brand works to highlight the things that make your company a good place to work.

Think about your company culture. Do you reward your employees with things they care about? Is training a priority for your office? Share those things on social media with your audience. When you do, you’re guaranteed to pique the interest of interested people who want to work for your company.

Interact With Your Audience

Social media is just that: social. The intent of posting to a social media platform is to create a space for engagement with an audience. Companies that find the most success with social media hiring understand that and spend time interacting with the individuals in the comments of their posts.

A thing to remember is this: your posts should be highly engaging and provide value for the reader. If not, you’ll lose a valuable connection with your audience and it will make it harder to find ideal prospects for your open positions.

Social Media Hiring: A Potential Goldmine

Social media can play a huge role in your recruitment marketing strategy. Once you’ve found the most appropriate platforms and curated an engaged audience with your relevant posts, social media hiring is a breeze.

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