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Inside: the best smartphone cases for your needs 

Ah, your smartphone.

If it isn’t in your hand right now, we’re betting it’s within reaching distance, right? 

Cellphones and smartphones have become an extension of our lives— and for good reason! Smartphones help keep us connected with friends, family, and the world. You can use your smartphone to work from anywhere.  You can use it to stay entertained by playing a game.  Or, you can even use your smartphone for navigation. 

Some may even argue that a smartphone is the world’s greatest invention. 

It’s clear that smartphones have become an important piece of technology in our everyday lives, but do you have your smartphone properly protected?

If you drop your phone, is it protected from drops and scratches? What if it gets wet? 

If your smartphone is not protected, damage to your phone is almost inevitable. 

Do I Really Need to Protect My Phone?

If you have not already bought a case for your smartphone, you really should consider purchasing one.  If something happens to your phone and it becomes unusable, it can be hard to quickly retrieve your data.  

The good news is, damaging your smartphone is entirely preventable!

Protecting your smartphone with a case is one of the easiest ways to protect your smartphone from damage, such as drops, and dust.  Most smartphone cases are designed to protect the phone from sudden impact, such as drops or falls.  Imagine that you are standing at the top of a staircase and your phone accidentally slips from your hand and hits each step on the way to the bottom.  Without a case on your phone, it is likely your phone may not have survived the impact of the stairs without some kind of damage.

An unprotected smartphone can easily attract dust.  Dust particles can wedge themselves into the buttons of your smartphone, the lenses of the camera, or between the glass of the screen.  Once the dust particles are trapped inside your smartphone, the dust can cause scratches within the screen or the camera lenses.  And that’s no good!

Which Case Should I Choose?

When choosing a smartphone case, it is important to determine your needs and desired functionality.   Do you need a phone case that protects against high impact?  Or, would a phone case that provides some functionality be better for you?

If you’re more prone to dropping your phone, you may want to choose a case that is more sturdy, such as an OtterBox.  These types of cases are designed for high impact.  Some versions of these cases are also waterproof, meaning you can drop your phone in a puddle and it will not be damaged.

Some smartphone cases feature pockets for credit and debit cards. These kinds of cases effectively turn your phone into a wallet. No more weighing your pockets down with a wallet and a phone! 

Let’s say that you use your phone mostly for photography purposes and you want to protect your camera. If you use your phone camera more than most, you’ll want to choose a smartphone case with a slide over the camera to protect the lenses when your camera is not in use. 

Ready to purchase a case?

Smartphones can be expensive devices and a smartphone case helps to protect your investment and your data. When choosing a smartphone case, be sure to choose one with the greatest functionality for your purposes and everyday needs. 

Cases, such as an OtterBox, provide impact protection. Other cases, such as folio cases, provide functionality and double as a wallet. Some cases are even waterproof! And we all know dropping our phones in water is a big concern!

Still not sure which smartphone case is best for you? Check out these cases!