So, you’ve got a shiny new business and you want to market it online, huh?  Have you considered content marketing?  You should be and here’s why.

Remember back in the day when companies would mail advertisements to everyone in the country and would pray someone would feel compelled enough to purchase a product?

I remember those days.  And I remember exactly where those advertisements would be filed in our house– the trash.

Today, pop-up ads on the Internet are the equivalent of paper sales ads from back in the day.  They’re useless.

These days, customers are now flocking to the Internet to look for advice and information on products or services they are interested in buying.  Do you know what those customers are reading and using to make their purchasing decisions?

Blog posts.  Articles.  Social media posts from friends and influencers.  Podcasts.  Videos.

Content.  Customers are reading, watching, and listening to content.

What is content marketing?Are you considering content marketing?  You should be. Here's why.

Content marketing uses blog posts, social media, and various other shareable platforms as a way to communicate with potential customers and gain an audience.

Instead of creating ads that interrupt a potential customer’s Internet experience (read: ads that annoy people), many companies are opting to create valuable content that can be shared and spread to the masses.

If you run a business, creating a blog and updating it with fresh content means you are the number one source that potential customers can trust to give them accurate and reliable information about your product or service.  Your blog and social media accounts become your voice and the face of your online presence.  In many cases, a strong online presence converts to more customers (cha-ching!  More money in your pocket!).

Is content marketing for me?

You may be sitting in your comfy chair thinking to yourself, I already run a business… is starting a blog really worth it?

If this is you, let me ask you one simple question: do you want your business to be successful in the online world?

Think about those customers who are hopping online to research about a product or service they are considering purchasing.

Who’s content are they reading?

If you don’t have blog, they are not reading your content.  And those same customers certainly won’t be purchasing your products, either.

How will anyone on the Internet ever know how amazing your baked goods are if you’re not blogging about it and sharing your creations on social media?

How will potential customers discover your energy efficient light bulbs if you’re not blogging about your light bulbs and marketing yourself as an expert in energy efficiency?

Still not convinced?

According to a Market Land survey,  89% of businesses that have developed some type of content marketing plan have found content marketing to be a good use of their time.

89% of businesses that were surveyed are gaining loyal readers and expanding their potential client base.

89% of those businesses are seeing an increase in profits and sales.

And that is all because those businesses were smart and developed a content marketing strategy.

Do you want the same for your business?

Potential customers are already reading content and sharing blog posts, podcasts, and videos on social media.  Why not take advantage of the trends and get your content (and business!) in front of readers, too?

Want to start a blog, but need help with writing?  Well, you’re in the right place! 

Hire me.